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"I hate Earth Studies!" John knows he'll never get that report on pollination done in time. "Why do we have to live on Earth? There’s all this stuff to learn, and it’s so boring."

In Launching the Lunchroom, some intergalactic visitors overhear John's complaint. Unfortunately, they misunderstand his meaning.

Launching the Lunchroom
Gzzargles Alien Stories No. 1
for kids aged 7-10
Written and illustrated by Anne E. Johnson
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YA science fiction thriller


Tren thinks he's just on a first date, but before he knows it the whole city of Chicago is in danger.

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The romance ebook A Kiss at Vespers has been re-released as Vol. 1 of the Ireland's Medieval Heart Novelettes series.

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Need an intergalactic laugh? We've got ya covered. Webrid is returning!

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Book 3 of the Webrid Chronicles, RED SPAWN DELIVERY.

How could a picnic go so wrong?
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Anne's new middle-grade historical novel, 
Franni and the Duke, 
available now from Sunbury Press!

Space Surfers.

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Teenage siblings Lerris and Graika of the planet Soranen want to go into outer space, an act forbidden by their people, the Sor. The Sor, it is believed, are the descendants of the Ellarisor and the Humans, now both extinct on Soranen. When Lerris surfs above the clouds in his minijet, he spots a vessel owned by Lorfallin, a chemical magnate. The ship is spraying a green mist that, it turns out, causes a disease which affects those with Human ancestry, including the siblings’ father.
Thus begins a journey to find pure descendants of the Ellarisor, whose blood might provide an antidote to the green mist. Along the way, Lerris and Graika learn the truth about their ancestry, and some truths about life. This prepares them for the final battle—against the Tusk, who have engaged Lorfallin to destroy all trace of Human life. If they win, outer space may be open to them. But if they lose . . .

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Funny.    Spooky.

   Adventurous.   Wondrous.

A big book of tales

for kids with big imaginations.